BEAST v2.6.7 Documentation: beast.evolution.tree.coalescent.CompoundPopulationFunction

BEASTObject that performs calculations based on the State.
An implementation of a population size function beastObject.Also note that if you are dealing with a diploid population N0 will be the number of alleles, not the number of individuals.
An effective population size function based on coalecent times from a set of trees.

Logable: yes, this can be used in a log.


populationSizes, populationIndicators, itree, type, useIntervalsMiddle


type: beast.core.parameter.RealParameter
population value at each point.
Required input


type: beast.core.parameter.BooleanParameter
Include/exclude population value from the population function.
Required input


type: beast.evolution.tree.coalescent.TreeIntervals***
Coalecent intervals of this tree are used in the compound population function.
Required input


type: java.lang.String
Flavour of demographic: either linear or stepwise for piecewise-linear or piecewise-constant.
Optional input. Default: linear


type: java.lang.Boolean
When true, the demographic X axis points are in the middle of the coalescent intervals. By default they are at the beginning.
Optional input. Default: false