BEAST v2.6.7 Documentation: beast.math.distributions.Beta

BEASTObject that performs calculations based on the State.
A class that describes a parametric distribution, that is, a distribution that takes some parameters/valuables as inputs and can produce (cumulative) densities and inverse cumulative densities.
Beta distribution, used as prior. p(x;alpha,beta) = rac{x^{alpha-1}(1-x)^{beta-1}} {B(alpha,beta)} where B() is the beta function. If the input x is a multidimensional parameter, each of the dimensions is considered as a separate independent component.


alpha, beta, offset


type: beast.core.parameter.RealParameter
first shape parameter, defaults to 1
Optional input


type: beast.core.parameter.RealParameter
the other shape parameter, defaults to 1
Optional input


type: java.lang.Double
offset of origin (defaults to 0)
Optional input. Default: 0.0