BEAST v2.6.7 Documentation: beast.math.distributions.LaplaceDistribution

BEASTObject that performs calculations based on the State.
A class that describes a parametric distribution, that is, a distribution that takes some parameters/valuables as inputs and can produce (cumulative) densities and inverse cumulative densities.
Laplace distribution. f(x|\mu,b) = \frac{1}{2b} \exp \left( -\frac{|x-\mu|}{b} \right)The probability density function of the Laplace distribution is also reminiscent of the normal distribution; however, whereas the normal distribution is expressed in terms of the squared difference from the mean ?, the Laplace density is expressed in terms of the absolute difference from the mean. Consequently the Laplace distribution has fatter tails than the normal distribution.


mu, scale, offset


type: beast.core.parameter.RealParameter
location parameter, defaults to 0
Optional input


type: beast.core.parameter.RealParameter
scale parameter, defaults to 1
Optional input


type: java.lang.Double
offset of origin (defaults to 0)
Optional input. Default: 0.0