BEAST Mac Download

Downloading BEAST for Mac

The BEAST Download should be under way.

Once the file is downloaded, open the dmg file by double clicking it, and drag the BEAST folder into the Application folder in the window that pops up.

Start BEAST, BEAUti or the other programs by double clicking the icon in the BEAST directory in the Application folder.

You can also start them from a terminal using any of the scripts in /Applications/BEAST v2.7.7/bin.

Trouble shooting

Download issues

If the download failed, you can always get it from the release page.

ARM version

A JRE is included in this release of BEAST based on x86 CPUs. There is no ARM version of BEAST because the ARM version appeared to run considerably slower than the x86 version.

To create an ARM version, replace the jre directory with an ARM version of the JRE (e.g. from [Zulu azul]( or [Bellsoft]( -- make sure to select "Arm" and "Full JRE" before downloading the tar.gz version). Uncompress the tar.gz file, and move the folder to /Applications/BEAST v2.7.7/jre. Check the file /Applications/BEAST v2.7.7/jre/bin/java exists.

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